How to Submit a Kick Ass Idea for KATIA



So you want to win one of our Kick Ass Trainable Intelligent Arms? Cool, because we can’t wait to give you one!

We’ve received hundreds of applications, but only have 10 to give away. To ensure each idea for KATIA is given the best consideration possible, we’ve written this quick guide to help you make sure your idea stands out from the crowd.

Tell us about yourself. We’re not just picking ideas, we are picking the inventors behind them — so help us get to know you better. What qualifications or skills make you the best candidate? What are you passionate about? And why is this important to you?

Show us what you’ve done. We love dreamers, but we need doers. Show us that you are willing and able to put in the effort to make your ideas into reality. The best way is to show us a portfolio of your work. This can be robotics-related or anything else you think is relevant to the project.

Illustrate your ideas with diagrams, schematics, or other drawings. While the idea is probably crisp in your mind, graphics go a long way towards helping us understand your project more clearly. Illustrations also demonstrate that you understand the complexities involved and are thinking through the project methodically.  

Demonstrate your entire vision. How does your proposal look like from start to finish? How would the arm be used by anyone in the scenario you envision? It’s best if your idea has a storyline or workflow; imagine that workflow and explain it the best you can.

Answer this question: Why does this matter? We’re trying to change the world, so help us to understand the impact of your proposal. Show us why your idea is important. How many people are impacted? What are the current solutions and why is this problem best solved with robotic arms? How much of a difference does your idea make?

Bonus points: Online Presence. Our ideal candidate is excited to share their design journey with the community. We love candidates with an online presence, such as on Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube. If you don’t use social media regularly, let us know how we can share your story with our audience.

The competition is currently live, so you have time to begin your application or continue one you’ve already started. If you haven’t submitted your idea, you should do so soon.

As always, you can get in touch with us if you have any questions. We’re excited to see what you come up with!